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Sharetum Bank is part of the Sharetum Group – a brand that will started the fashion for cellular micro-loans in Europe and it is one of the leading companies providing online loans and financial loans via a mobile phone in the Outdated Continent. The Group serves more than 1 . 5 million clients in 20 countries — in addition to Poland, Sharetum provides micro-loans in, among others, Finland, Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark plus Australia.


A company working on an European scale

A company operating on an European scale

Sharetum Bank is component of a company that extends past Poland. The Sharetum Team operates in over twenty European countries, consists of over three hundred teams of specialists. These people serve over 1 . five million customers around the world. This particular demonstrates the high recognition loved by this financial institution.


The prestigious Sharetum brand name

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It can be said that Sharetum Bank enjoys the believe in of customers and has a very good status on the financial market. This really is evidenced by the fact that this particular loan company has been awarded the particular Responsible Lender certificate that will Loan Magazine grants. This particular puts the company’s offer within an even better light and without doubt promotes the acquisition of new clients.


Building positive consumer relationships

Building positive customer relationships

As a non-banking institution, Sharetum Bank reports its willingness to provide the clients with professional solutions. In addition , the formalities that will accompany taking payday loans are usually kept to a minimum. The entire process of applying for an immediate loan is not complicated plus takes place completely online.

If the borrower includes a problem or questions concerning the application, he can consult with the business representative. The Customer Service Workplace operates 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, thanks to which it is possible to create contact quickly.

This is very important especially for customers exactly who do not have experience in utilizing the services of non-bank establishments. Consultation will help them determine about the right payday loan on their behalf.


Sharetum – pay day pay up to PLN two, 000 for free

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The particular offer that Sharetum Financial institution provides for its clients contains the option of taking free short term pay. In this case, it can be as much as PLN 2, 000 and may be repaid within thirty days. If for some reason we have an issue with the repayment of our pay day loans in accordance with the terms of the agreement, we can apply for an extension from the repayment date.

It is worth remembering that will in the case of quick loans this never happens automatically. In this instance, always contact the lender. This is very important if we want to maintain a well balanced financial situation and avoid possible problems.

Before we all take a free loan, we ought to remember on what terms it really is granted to us. Because already mentioned, we can receive through Sharetum Bank up to PLN 2, 000 without extra fees. This will be the case whenever we use the services of this company for the first time. Additionally , we are obliged to pay the whole sum on time.

It is worth remembering whenever we decide to use such services. Dependable loan companies are very clear concerning the terms of the contract they are getting yourself ready for clients. In the case of Sharetum Financial institution, all necessary information are available on the website of this financial institution.


Sharetum – formal specifications

A potential consumer applying for payday transaction at Sharetum Bank should meet several conditions. You are able to distinguish Polish citizenship. Additionally , the borrower must be a minimum of 21 and not more than 79 years old. Moreover, he must have a positive credit history.

This means that it cannot be joined in debtors’ registers and it has no debts with other finance institutions. Anyone who meets these circumstances can confidently complete a credit card applicatoin for payday pay.


Sharetum Bank – Program process for a loan

Serratum Bank - Application process for a loan

Using the Sharetum offer consists of several stages of software. At the beginning, it is necessary to stipulate the loan terms that will interest us. We are referring to the precise specification of the quantity of payday and the time on which we intend to come back it.

This particular decision should be preceded with a thorough analysis of our monetary capabilities. We must consider different circumstances and events that could affect whether we will be capable to repay our loan. It really is worth remembering that it is essential to return the entire amount inside a precisely defined period.


Loan application

A good inseparable stage of trying to get payday loans is our submitting of an application. A big benefit is that the form is not difficult and we can fill this without any problems. Everything is performed online, using the website from the loan company. This can be done on the web thanks to very limited formalities. We all do not need to collect documentation. All of us only need the data that is on your own ID card and banking account number.


Checking the app

Loan application

Once we have used, the loan company must confirm our income. This is not the situation – it is standard exercise. If we have maintained monetary liquidity, we can count on optimistic consideration of our application. The particular verification of our data is done when we transfer 1 cent to the account indicated in order to us by the lender. It is a typical procedure in such circumstances.


Money on the client’s account

Once the decision is positively regarded as, the money will affect the borrower’s account. In the case of payday loans, this particular usually happens very quickly. Significantly, we can devote this cash to any purpose.

It is worth remembering in order to regularly donate part of the quantity and stick to the repayment routine. Then we will undoubtedly keep financial liquidity.

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